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Eugène Villon was rapidly recognized in the artistic world and was awarded prizes as soon as he arrived in Lyons and in Paris.


Firstly at the Lyons show :

  • 1905 : Medal of honours

  • 1908 : 3rd medal

  •  1909 : 2nd medal

  •  1911 : 1st medal (out of competition)

  •  1913 : medal of honours out of competition for a watercolour “Angelus time” (Heure de l’angélus) and 1st medal for a study in pastels of “Mrs Winkler” (Mme Winkler).

  • 1925 : Medal of honours

  • 1940 : Prize of the Society (out of competition.)








At the French Arstists Society show:

  • 1920 : Distinction in painting

  •  1931 : Distinction for the drawings, sketches and watercolours.

  • 1932 : Silver medal in the painting category with a work called “After the rain, the Faou, or the Bourges cathedral portal” (Après la pluie, le Faou ou Portail de la cathédrale de Bourges).

  •  1934 : Gold medal of oil painting with a work called “Strasbourg market(Marché de Strasbourg)

  • 1937 : Silver medal at the International exhibition with a watercolour entitled “Spring morning” (Matinée de printemps)

He became member of the French Artists Society in Paris as early as 1910.

For his dedication as a teacher he was awarded in 1912 the decoration of Academy Officer by the minister of Public Instruction and Fine Arts.


Moreover, in 1918 he was appointed Officer of Public Instruction and Fine Arts.

Lastly, for the whole of his works, Villon was made Chevalier of the Legion of Honour in August 1937. This decoration was given to him by President Albert Lebrun.