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Eugène Villon was forgotten for many years and yet he contributed to the blossoming of watercolour painting in the very heart of our city of Lyons and of our area. Though he was not actually born in Lyons, he dedicated his whole life to this quest of perfection in drawing and retranscribed emotion. This complete artist is being rediscovered today on his grand daughter’s initiative, who works on both his biography and retrospective exhibitions.

Thanks to this website, we will help you discover what type of man and artist Eugève Villon was and through him, discover his brilliant work. Come and discover his story and his painting and discover Europe in a new light.

Moreover, you can take part in the realization of the artist’s reasoned catalogue for which researches are currently made. It’s under the impetus of Mrs Jeannine Gay, the painter’s grand-daughter, that this work of reference will come into being so as to broaden the knowledge of an artist who contributed to the development of watercolours.




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