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For Eugène Villon, exhibitions always followed one another with the same craze everywhere in France and in Europe.

Exhibitions during his life :

In Lyon

Villon exhibited for the first time at the S.L.B.A show in 1892 and then each year till his death.

Special exhibitions took place :

  • From 1908 to 1922 at the Pouillé-Lecoultre gallery n° 65 rue de la République.

  • Between 1922 and 1949 at the Malaval Gallery n° 1 rue du Président Edouard Herriot, formerly rue de l’Hotel de Ville.



  •  From 1925 till his death at tyhe Pervangher Gallery, rue Palais Grillet

  • Between 1940 and 1946 at the Roger Gallery.

  In France

He exhibited in numerous cities where he was warmly welcomed each time.

  • In Marseille : Central Gallery

  • In Bordeaux : At the Bordeaux Artists’ show and at the Grézy House.

  • In Metz : At the Louyot Gallery as part of the French Painters Exhibition (47-49 rue Serpenoise).

  • In Cannes : Louis Pastour Gallery.

  • In Douarnenez : He liked to participate in the blossoming of a deeply rooted regionalism: that’s why he took part in many exhibitions among which the one organized by the Brittany Regionalist Federation Congress in 1912

  • In Yssingeaux in 1924.

  • In Roubaix : Dujardin Gallery (1930 and 1937)

  • In Lille : Montsallut Gallery (1930)

  • In St Etienne : Livet Gallery.

  • In Nantes : Mignon Massart Gallery

  • In Annonay for the Friends of Annonay show in 1948.

In Paris


He exhibited for the first time at the Grand Palais in 1907 within the context of the French Artists Society show and continued for many years.

In 1910 he was appointed by the State to be exhibitor at the French section of the Bruxelles World Fair with a great watercoulour “Loneliness on Camaret beach” (Solitude sur la plage de Camaret).

Between 1910 and 1929 : Georges Petit Gallery, 8 rue de Seze (as part of the French Pastellists).

In 1912 : Allard Gallery.

In 1930 : He took part in the Centenary of Algeria Exhibition.

In 1931 : He took part in the Colonial Exhibition.

Between 1930 and 1945 : Devambez Galley.

Until 1945 : Bernheim Gallery.

In 1946 : French Art Gallery (24 rue de la Paix)



He took part in many exhibitions during his various trips in Europe, especially in his native country, in Italy and in North Africa.


As early as 1910, he became member exhibitor at the Algerian and Orientalist Artists Society.

In 1923, he settled at the Baconnier Gallery.

In Alger, he exhibited at the Pasteur Gallery and at the Art Gallery.

In 1926 and 1942 he took part in the Fall Show in Algiers.

Villon presented his works in Bruxelles at the Georges Giroux Gallery 43 boulevard du Régent in 1927.

Lastly we found some evidence of his stay in Buenos Aires at the Auguste E. Smid Gallery.

Retrospective exhibitions


Following his death, a retrospective “Tribute to Eugène Villon” was organized in 1956 at the SLBA show. It occurred again in 1973.

For about ten years Villon was the subject of exhibitions devoted to watercolour from Lyons. All of them took place at the Saint Hubert Gallery between 1980 and 1988, as well as in 1998.


He was part of the artists specially selected for the exhibition entitled “A hundred years of watercolours” at the Granges Gallery, rue des Remparts d’Ainay in June 1985.

In 1995, a retrospective exhibition was organized at the mansion in Lacroix-Laval Park.


In 1998, The “Eugène Villon Retrospective (1879-1951)” was organised at the Maison Ravier from April 5th to June 7th.

The same year, Villon had an important place in a watercolour exhibition which was organized in Brignais from January 31st and February 13th.


Moreover, his works are very much in demand in England for watercolour exhibitions.

Thus in Birmingham, the SLBA was invited to exhibit its works from June 28th to July 3rd 1999 at the Roundhouse. On this occasion, two watercolours from Villon were shown.