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Today, Villon is represented in a large number of museums and public places (mainly in Lyons). The list below is not exhaustive and researches are currently in process

Acquisitions :

In 1908 : The French State acquired Marine in Concarneau (Marine à Concarneau)

In 1909 : The French State acquired The Golden Hour (Heure Dorée)

In 1920 : On the occasion of the Fall Exhibition, the city of Lyons bought two works of art : Inside the courtyard of Hôtel Dieu, on a rainy day (Intérieur de la cour de l’Hôtel-Dieu, temps de pluie) and Bridge on the Saône banks (pont sur le bord de Saône)

In 1922 : The French State acquired Honfleur Harbour (Port de Honfleur) The State deposited a watercolour named Bernez Valley, Haute Savoie.

In 1933 : The city of Lyons acquired Landscape, St Clair hillside (Paysage, le coteau de St-Clair) on the occasion of the SLBA exhibition.

Nothing but a credit advice dating from July 22nd 1938 can prove that the city of Paris bought  a painting called Old gothic bridge of Maline (Vieux pont gothique de Maline) for 5,000 French Francs.

In 1940 : The municipal museum of Arts and Industry of Saint Etienne acquired Plouguerneau beach (Plage de Plouguerneau).

In 1953 : The city of Caluire et Cuire acquired a painting called Around St Nizier church in Lyons (Abords de l’Eglise Saint-Nizier à Lyon). The engraving above was done after the original work which is today in the wedding room of Caluire et Cuire town hall.

In April 1981 : Alchemist (Alchimiste) was acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyons.

Gifts, settlement:

During Villon's life :

In 1933, a painting was offered to the French President by the city of Lyons.

In October 1938, the artist donated a painting to the War Minister.

These facts are related in letters or articles dating back from this period.

After his death:

In April 1953, the artist’s daughter donated a work entitled Menton’s flower market (Marché aux fleurs de Menton) to the city of Caluire et Cuire.

In 1957, his daughter gave the city of Voiron a work dating from 1927, called Anvers harbour (le port d’Anvers-Belgique). It is now part of the Mainssieu Museum collection.

In 1996, Mrs Gay, the artist’s grand-daughter donated an oil painting Plateau des Forts in Caluire (Le Plateau des Forts à Caluire)  to the Rhone General Council.

In 1997, Mrs Gay donated five works to the town hall of the 7th district  in Lyons. They were four paintings and one watercolour : Inside Auxerre’s cathedral (Intérieur de la cathédreale d’Auxerre), A street in Villefranche sur Mer (Rue de Villefranche sur mer), Caluire’s plateau (Plateau de Caluire), The  old man and the child (Vieil home et enfant), St Maurice‘s church in Annecy (L’eglise de St Maurice d’Annecy).